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Autism Awareness

Autism Awareness
After 25 years in business
Mallory's is closing it's doors.
Baking You Happy Since 1991

Thank you for your 25 years of Support ...

It is with great sadness that I announce the closing of Mallory's Marvelous Muffins. It has been my greatest pleasure to bake for all of my wonderful customers whom I consider a part of my muffin family!

We just celebrated 25 years in business which I am most proud of. What started in 1991 in my home with a toaster oven sized convection oven and 4 muffin pans certainly grew into a company that became one of the first to have a web site. I feel like a dinosaur when I look back and recall having to explain to people what the World Wide Web was and how my site would make their life easier. People just looked blankly at me!

I started Mallory’s Marvelous Muffins at a church bake sale in July of 1991 when my daughter, Mallory was just 4 years old. Like most women I needed to work and raise my family. Unlike my son Scott who is 4 years older, Mallory presented all kinds of challenges and I began my mission to figure out what was wrong. Again back to the dinosaur reference in those days Autism was not as well understood and so it took us 17 years to get Mallory’s diagnosis of Aspergers syndrome, which now is referred to as simply being on the Autism spectrum.

I talk about this because it is critically important to me and to Mallory that we raise awareness about Autism. I thought when I began Mallory’s Marvelous Muffins that Mallory would certainly be launched after high school and living a fulfilling life. What I have learned is that supports are always needed and living an independent fulfilling life are very difficult goals to achieve.

Mallory like all people I have met on the spectrum have wonderful gifts, talents, delightful personalities grounded in honesty and truth and yet live a life far from their desires. Neurological disorders are invisible and people are not always so understanding of differences. Mallory and I want to change this and make it possible for all people on the spectrum to life their most fulfilling life.

We are working with the Fill A Need Foundation to make this a reality. Please visit www.fillaneedfoundation.org and see what we have in mind. While my dream to reopen Mallory's Marvelous Muffins as it was is not happening at this time I still want to stay in touch. Please follow us on facebook for the latest updates.